Zelkor's Ferry Rumors

-“The Mouth of Doom, which leads into the dungeons of Rappan
Athuk, can be found to the south of Zelkor’s Ferry.”

-" They say that if you go adventuring in the Mouth of Doom, beware
the hand."

-“There are one or two places under the Mouth of Doom where
the air is bad; don’t sleep in those places if you want to wake up

-“A band of gnolls has been lurking around to the south of the Ferry
for the last several weeks. If you’re headed south, better watch out
for them.”

-“Bristleback buys bearskins and panther skins for 50 gp, and wolf
pelts for 20 each. If you bring back a whole bear, the meat’s worth
10 gp to you as well. Wild boars aren’t worth anything to you,

-“Zelkor was a powerful wizard who led the army of Light into
Rappan Athuk to attack the high priests of Orcus. They say that he
didn’t die, and one day he’ll return.”

Rumors about the Castle west of town

-“We lost six friends when we went near that old elven castle! Full of
giants throwing rocks it was!”

- “I heard that old elf lord went crazy, something about swords and

- “The elves have returned to the castle to the west, but I hear they
shoot first and ask questions later. I always hated elves.”

Rumors about the ruins near the Troll Fens

• “The adventurers who uncovered this place are in fact brigand tomb robbers!”

• “I heard that when they opened up the new entrance, a balor came out and devoured them all!”

• “It’s said that some great evil lurks below the southern towers. Only a fool would go wake it up.”

• “A great dwarven warrior is buried near that keep. I bet he took a bunch of treasure to his grave, and I heard he had an axe that actually talked to him! After all, you know how Dwarves are.”

• “Those priests who wear those green robes were asking a lot of questions about the towers. They sure seem nice, but I am confused why they would care about a stinky old ruin.”

Zelkor's Ferry Rumors

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