Silverhair's Rappan Athuk

Devon's Journal - Bamf should not be allowed near little girls

We’ve been discussing amongst ourselves and Bamf really wants to go back and take out Roachman. It is odd that I find myself agreeing with him against the majority of the party. Our cowardly fighter doesn’t seem to harbor him much ill will even after getting killed by him. Other people just seem him as misunderstood. While he is no longer a threat to us, he does prey on the unawary. The world would be a safer place with him gone and someone nicer running that establishment. Bamf will survive without the sausages from there.

We continue on from where Bofred hid his items and run into a room where there are indentions on the floor which match the rather odd artifacts. We place an artifact in its place and a small girl is unleashed from where a door opens. The girl appears unhealthy and Bamf rushes over to her. Initially I thought he was trying to assist her, but then she vaporized in his arms. I was unaware he had life draining powers and he unconvincingly claimed no fault in her demise. (I swear she fell down and stabbed herself 39 times) We walked into the room she came from and found her laying in bed. I called Bamf over to see what was happening and he arrived just in time to see Gedonik mercilessly kill her. I think both of them need some serious psychological help,, but I’m not trained in that. The other objects release some rather powerful vampires, except for the last one which had the unfortunate luck of being jumped by all of us before she could do anything. From this fighting we have gotten an intelligent sword named Gluttony that wants to drink blood. I’m not sure if that is from being held by a vampire too long or some part of its innate power. I’m going to hold onto him for a while and research him. It makes me think that creating an intelligent item would be rather interesting.

We find a very long room with lots of pillars. At the end we realize there is nothing here and we begin to walk back. We learn that wraiths appear as we walk back and Krush gets drained by their ambushes. We finish this by sending him down the hall with several protective spells and a couple pots to make noise. All the wraiths assault him, but he is luckily uninjured by them. At that point I drop a bunch of fireballs on him and kill off the wraiths.

The last thing we have found is a barricaded door protected by a Protection from Good spell. We don’t want to destroy this ward since it was probably done to protect people from something evil. As such we have agreed not to bash the door down but to magically bypass it. I used my gloves to look past the door and found that there is a large statue of a cyclops on the other side and there is some strange item on the door’s face from that side. In addition the door is also barred from that side. I suspect I’ll be turning into an earth elemental and bypassing the door very soon.


silverhair2012_1 Devon_or_Arim

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