Silverhair's Rappan Athuk

Devon's Journal - A long absence.

It seems to have been months since I last wrote anything in here. Time just flies I guess. We went into a large temple complex filled with followers of Orcus. There were three figures which stood out from the rest.

A large clay golem which exchanged blows with Krush
A large demon whom I locked down with The Staff
A “high priest” of Orcus who fled from Parabast’s tauntings.

Thankfully the demon was unable to do anything too horrible to us, once it changed gravity on us. Smashing our heads on the ceiling was quite a surprise and rather hurt. It also took our wall of stone fortification and made it irrelevant.

Upon their defeat we had examined the shrine for a while. We spent a couple days here dispelling the vile enchantments, destorying the altar and its corresponding evil circle and crushing a Sphere of Souls. The Sphere was worth quite a bit, but were not really interested in this kind of magic. I temporarily turned Krush’s maul into adamantium and let him live up to his namesake. Some day I see us going into business selling evil artifacts and killing anyone who shows up trying to buy them.

We persued the “high priest” into his secret chambers where Parabast began mocking him another time. The “high priest” seemed quite bewildered by this taunting and was slain while he attempted to come up with any kind of verbal retort. Evidently, Orcus’ minions are slow of thought in addition to being cowardly. We carefully examined everything they had accumulated and found some nice items. The highlight is a platinum statue of Hecate with a permanent Hallow spell bestowed upon it. While not the diety I follow, I appreciate fine art and the magical enchantment makes it worth storing in our lodge.

We also found a Decanter of Endless Water which should prove to be useful and great for practical jokes/taunting. I think Parabast will want it the most. There was also an adamantine puzzle box. We spent a long time trying to figure it out and in the end it was Krush who figured it out and released the wand it contained.

We continued on and found the lair of a large group of minotaurs. Somehow they had acquired an incredibly valuable sword, but aside from that they were uninteresting. They did have a door which they had barricaded from their side. Anything they were attempting to keep out was bound to be interesting to us. We entered and began looking around. We found the remains of a few petrified creatures and the tracks to multiple gorgons. We quickly retreated and began discussing how we should handle this. In the end we decided to leave them alone since we were too vulnerable to petrification to risk it.

We have decided to go back to the surface so we could make some wands and other magical items. I’m glad to see we’ll have more magical protection when we enter the cave again.


silverhair2012_1 Devon_or_Arim

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