Silverhair's Rappan Athuk

Devon's contemplation on Bamf's suicide

Suicide is a messy business. I don’t just mean that in a metaphysical sense either. If someone gets jumped by a hydra, they get devoured and are never seen from again. In Bamf’s case he decided to do it in the middle of combat, which left us with a corpse to deal with and a fight that became harder than it normally would be.

The fighting I’ll ignore, but what do we do with Bamf? When you raise someone from the dead, you normally talk to the soul and see if it wants to come back. However, that is an expensive process and we came up with a much cheaper alternative. The catch is it must be done mere seconds after death. That means no chance to ask the soul if it wants to come back and considering he slit his own throat, there is a distinct possibility he doesn’t want to come back.

To be honest,, I don’t pay careful attention to Bamf’s face when we are getting attacked. However, Gedonik pays a lot of attention to Bamf, even in the middle of combat. He says that Bamf had an expression of surprise on his face when he slit his throat. That and as non chalant as he may appear, he does have some feelings for his boyfriend. So I brought him back and his soul really did want another chance at life.

Which brings us back to; whydid Bamf kill himself? We’ve fought these oozes before and they showed no sign of mental control. Could his fiendish nature taken offense to the fact that he was killing an evil abomination? The most likely answer is his sentient black sword. I’m guessing it does not like the path Bamf has taken and revolted against him. Since I feel this is the answer, that means Bamf’s strength of mind is weaker than I thought and I’ll need to keep him covered by my anti-mind control magic. The other part is did his sword react violently to his killing of Orcus’ minions or did he have a change of heart, change sides in his mind and the sword reacted to that. I’m afraid we’re going to need to use some pretty powerful magic to find out what is going on inside his head.

In other news…
We have found a level that is nothing but huge ponderous mazes. Of course they are populated by minotaurs, but these are special phasing minotaurs. They repeatedly phased in right behind Parabast and I. Looks like I’ll need to stop investing in knowledge so much and invest a bit into my defense. Those axes really hurt. This mess was going to take a real long time, so we hatched a plan to charm a minotaur and have him guide us through. It worked quite well and he took us through multiple mazes. We finally came to their king’s throneroom and a huge melee ensued. Thankfully we took them down. However, at that point my charmed minotaur left due to the carnage we had wrought upon his friends. We found a small passage that headed through a flooded area. Thankfully I was able to ride on Parabast’s carpet, i really need to get one of those too. This lead us to 3 sarcophagi that we in small side alcove in 3 foot deep water. Due to the lack on undead here, I think their souls passed on peacefully. We finally finished exploring this place and found 4 entrances to other levels. This place has a large assortment of passages to other levels. We’ve opted to go the hot one.


silverhair2012_1 Devon_or_Arim

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