Silverhair's Rappan Athuk

Bamf's Journal Fifty-five

Entry 55

Dear Diary,

I have struggled to find a way to put my thoughts to words as to the events of the last day. You see I died again today, however I am really annoyed and puzzled by the circumstances of my death. Never mind how embarrassing it was! I am blaming this all on Noir, to be ever so crystal clear.

There we were, twirling and dancing against a bunch of undead and oozes. My form was flawless, my stance impeccable, and my contribution to the Fellows was a credit to my training. Then suddenly, in the middle of combat, I ran Noir across my throat with significant force; enough in fact to unequivocally murder myself.

Noir said that I slipped on a pebble, but frankly that is bull-cocky. From the tone I got, Noir obviously was just making something up rather than tell me what really happened. This is quite annoying as most of the Fellows now worry that I might have a suicide tendency and are even more concerned about my overall mental health. Which for the record is a complete overreaction and I don’t know why they continue to think I am unhinged. I wish for the days when Matty was with us as her mental affectations were considered far more requiring of attention than what problems they presume I have.

Moving on, I remember being so surprised by what happened. The pain wasn’t too bad, all things considered. I just remember looking at Parabast with a very confused expression on my face, as I was not really sure why I had slit my own throat. I then fell over and things went black.

The next thing I remember is I was standing in what apparently was an outhouse. In front of me, sitting over the hole and with his britches down around his ankles, was Ralnor. He was quite intent on a folio he was reading which was thankfully obscuring his more compromising parts from my sight. The title of the literature he was reading was very odd, something like, “The Smoking Hot Efreeti Babes of the City of Brass!”

I stammered a, “Uh, hey man, what’s up?”

Ralnor screamed at me, turned beet red, and yelled, “Bamf! What in tarnation are you doing in m—”

Unfortunately I didn’t hear the rest of what he was saying as I was suddenly I was pulled back to my body on the prime material plane. It seems that Devon, ever the clever one, had a spell to resurrect someone immediately after their death, without even giving their soul a chance to say no. Which is fine I suppose, my soul was far too discombobulated at the time to make decisions about whether I still wanted to live or not and I might have answered wrong.

Anyways, I am rambling. We spent the rest of the day wandering through really annoying mazes that were a pain to map. We found a ton of minotaurs that were phasing all over the place. This was a difficult fight as their unique movement made it very hard to defend all of the Fellows at once. We managed it though, and killed them all except for the king who ran off. This is actually becoming very common and I am not super comfortable about it. My mind imagines all of our fleeing foes meeting in a bar to discuss our demise. Not a happy thought.

Regarding my death, I have continued to question Noir about it. Seems that one of the undead that I was fighting reminded Noir of someone Vroeteus used to play poker with (it is probably the same person actually). Noir remembered that we technically still owe that person money, and due to an involuntary, reflexive reaction caused by this realization, they jerked themselves as far away from our undead debtor as quickly as possible. This just happened to be at the worst moment possible for me.

Much to my irritation, Noir’s embarrassment and guilt about killing me seem to be very fleeting as at this point they think this entire episode is the height of hilarity. Or maybe they think my encounter with Ralnor was mirthful, as Noir can’t stop laughing since I mentioned it. Not exactly sure why, and I am starting to wonder if Noir is a secret asshole.

What is really bothersome about all of this is that despite the fact that I know I was a victim in all of this, the Fellows aren’t so willing to take my word for it. I am apparently no longer allowed to take night watch alone, for concerns that I would take the opportunity to harm myself. Ridiculous! Needless to say though I wouldn’t be adverse to swinging Noir into a boulder as hard as possible a few, oh I don’t know, hundred times or so.

That is about it Diary. Tomorrow we go down to a new level that is, according to Pesaki’s owl, uncomfortably hot. We are going to memorize some elemental resistance spells and take a look in the morning. Until next time!


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