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GM Summary 6

What surprises does The Mouth of Doom hold?

The party had retired to the abandoned small kitchen they had found on an earlier exploration to rest and recover. Their encounter with the deceptive gas seeping room had left them pretty shaken up and were glad to find a room that had access to outside air. During the first and second watches the ones on duty heard noises from out in the hallway, but nothing tried very hard to enter the room. After their rest period they were discussing where to go next. Some wanted to explore east along the hallway from the skull door, others wanted to check further south. Bamf turned out to be very persuasive and convinced the others to check out the wall beneath Hand door. Malic and Geodnik went down into the pit to see if they could figure out what made this wall so unusual. Geodnik asked Malic to press on a certain rock on the north wall of the pit. When he did the wall slid back and then moved sideways into the wall to reveal a dark tunnel that ran for a few feet and then turned south.

Maladash chose to be the one in the front and walked down to see what was around the corner. The corridor traveled a few feet south and then turned west. So moving to the next corner he sees a rather long corridor with no doors on either side. As he travels west he sees a set of stairs. The rest of the party is being somewhat prudent in that they are keeping a space of 20 feet between them and Maladash. Lately he has had a tendency to find traps the hard way. He ascends the stairs and sees a hallway running north and south. The south way ends at a blank wall a few feet from the stairs. So he turns north. Again a few feet north of the stairs is another alcove. Seeing Ralnor having to deal with traps in the alcoves of the entrance room made Maladash a little shy of checking these out so Parabast decided to check it out. As the floor fell out from under him he was heard to say, “Oh Crap”. They got Parabast out of the pit and he got a very intense scolding from Meirda about staying in the back where it was safer than being in front.

They continued on about 80 feet to another hallway extending to the east that ended in another blank wall. Malic and Geodnik took a walk down the hallway and lo and behold there was a hidden door at the end on the hallway. Surprise, surprise! Who would have thought it! When the hidden door was opened there was another hallway running north and south. The party decided to check out the south room as this hallway was actually only about 10 feet wide and long. As they entered the southern room a vaguely transparent glob separated itself from the southeast corner and moved toward them. It was a Gelatinous Cube. It took a while but they dispatched it and found some decent loot. They continued south to find a room that had a set of stairs the led down into darkness. On either side of the stairs were 2 statues of Iron Cobras. Mathilda had a spell up which allowed her to detect poison and the Iron Cobra on their left showed it was poisonous. It wasn’t moving however so it was hard to tell if it was actively poisonous or had been exposed to poison. They took a couple of shots to see if it would react, then Mathilda moved forward and found out it was alive in a manner of speaking. At least it attacked him. They destroyed it and as it collapsed into rubble Devon expressed a sigh of disappointment as he wanted to have its head for the Lodge. Meirda and Maladash removed the other Iron Cobra and there was a heated discussion over who would get possession of the one remaining statue. They did not bother checking the staircase. They did discover a hidden compartment under the destroyed Iron Cobra’s plinth that held some gems.

After The encounter with the Iron Cobra the party moved to the room north of the hidden door. There was nothing in the room, but there was a hallway from the northeast corner that led west. Following the hallway westward they found an identical room to the one they had just left. From the southwest corner was a small hallway that led toward another door. However, there was a mystery at this door. Because there was a pair of boots and a gauntlet lying on the floor in front of the door. When Meirda went forward to get the items his foot became stuck to the floor. He reached down to see if he could loosen his sandal and his hand became stuck to the floor as well. With one of their frontline types stuck to the floor and unable to move let’s hope there are no monsters that come up on them. There was quite the discussion about how to get him unstuck. Alcohol was suggested along with solvent. The discussion went on for several minutes, after about an hour or so wonder of wonders Meirda becomes unstuck. He moves to the door and opens it. There is a similar glean to the floor and walls as was in front of the door so they guess it is also trapped with the glue. They are correct. They spy a chest across the floor and wonder how to get to it or bring it to them. (Someone) casts a Mage Hand spell to open the chest, then the Mage Hand takes a mirror so that they may look inside the chest. They see a rather large sack inside. So they decide to try using a Grappling hook and rope to try hooking the chest and pulling it across the floor. They get the hook attached but the chest doesn’t move. Another look inside the chest reveals what appears to be bolts in the corners of the chest. After a few more heated discussions, they return to the collapsed room to get large flat rocks to make a walkway so they can get to the chest. Once they get the bag out when they open it they find 1 sp, and 500 gp.

At this point they decide it is probably time they return to Zelkor’s Ferry to unload what they have found so far. They also want to try to see if they can prepare a little better for whatever they may find in the Mouth of Doom.


I was the one who moved forward and got attacked. I had to get close to spit an adhesive resin on it

GM Summary 6

What a nice person our witch is, she just wants to go out and spit in people’s faces. Good thing we’re all horrible at making allies and investigating a dungeon where it is pretty safe to assume friends will be few and far between.

GM Summary 6
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