Silverhair's Rappan Athuk

GM Summary 14

OH no, more Gnolls!

After recovering Devon, Gedonik mentioned that he thought there was a hidden door in the Shriekers room. So they went back and did indeed find a hidden door. It just seemed to be a 25 foot hallway with no exit. Gedonik rubbed Hae’s face along the southern wall and lo and behold there was another hidden door. There was another hallway that they could see 60 feet down the west and south running hallways. Along the west hallway was a couple of doors, the first one was about 20 feet down the hallway. When they opened the first door the room was empty. But when they checked the room they found hidden doors on the east and west walls. There was 3 sarcophagi and a couple of wooden coffins that were rotting away. When they opened the first sarcophagi was a skeleton, Mathilda cast a spell and the skeleton becomes hers, the second sarcophagi had a skeleton that rose up with 2 short swords, and the third sarcophagi had another skeleton like the first one. Mathilda cast Light on here skeleton and saw that the 2 skeletons were reddish color but the skeleton with the short swords was a darker shade of grayish black. They did manage to destroy the Black skeleton and the other bloody skeleton. Then they went to the eastern hidden door and when it opened there was an altar with two candle holders at each end. Once someone enters the candles light and they see the candles are black in color. Mathilda tries to get someone to take one but no one does.

They return to the hallway and turn west to the second door. It turns out to be empty but has a door on the western wall which leads to another empty room with another door on the western wall. That opens on a room filled with cobwebs, and surprise 2 spiders. It also has a door on its western wall. That leads to an apparently empty room but Hae and Gedonik find 3 hidden places under the floor. Mathilda stops Hae from grabbing anything in order to check for poison. It was a good thing cause there was a bag that was covered in poison.

They work their way back to the hallway and follow it as it turns north then west again. As the hallway turns west there are 2 doors one on each wall. They decide to check the south door. It opens and Mathilda’s lit skeleton enters as the party waits around the corner to see what happens. When nothing does they enter to find an empty room with a door on the west wall. Hae checks for traps, but I don’t think Gedonik trusts her ability. The door opens and Polly enters. They see scribblings on the walls in an unintelligible language. As they are discussing whether to attempt to decipher them or not a human male enters from the southern door. He is dressed in red and black robes over chainmail with a Unholy symbol of Orcus prominently displayed around his neck. A serious battle ensues and the Cleric is dispatched. His mace seems to be fairly special.

As they return to the hallway and proceed west they see two more doors opposite each other at the end of the hallway before it turns south. They decide to check the southern door. Hae checks it, opens it and Polly goes in. The party is out of sight of the door when they hear growls and barks and yips. Gedonik gets a crazed look in his eyes as he runs in to confront a pack of Gnolls. They manage to stick the Gnolls where they are and then take care of killing them.

They go through a hidden door they find and eventually find the rest of the Gnoll band. There is a Shaman with this band as there was at the encampment. But she didn’t get away either.

They move to the south running hallway and find another door on the western wall. When they enter there is a statue of a person in armor riding a Dragon. It has a reflecting pool before it. As Polly the charmed skeleton enters the water the bat on the shield animates and attacks. They manage to destroy it but the fragments begin to move toward each other in an effort to reform the bat. They decide it’s time to go.

They continue toward the stairs they entered on and bypass the portcullis to reach a very unusual room. The door sill is 5 feet above the floor level. The floor is covered in flames, but the heat doesn’t reach the door. The flames are only 3 feet high. They reach down and discover the heat from the flames starts about 1 foot above the flames. As Hae examines the door she notices a button on the left side of the door. She presses it and a walkway extends from beneath the door out to the center of the room. She also notices 2 other doors with buttons to the left of them. Parabast walks out onto the end of the walkway and uses a spell too press the other buttons. A connecting set of walkways extend and join in the center. They exit the south door and turn west to find a door which leas to an empty burial chamber. Hae and Gedonik find a hidden door in the southeast corner and open it. A short hallway ends at another door. Entering this room there are three sarcophagi. Two of them contain skeletons but one also has a Shadow. They manage to put all three down.

They decide to go back to Zelkor’s Ferry to recover and plan to continue their exploration of the Mouth of Doom.


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