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Drunken Hedonism Thoughts 3/14/15

After a somewhat interesting day in the dungeon Bamf had a question/suggestion that is definitely worth looking into further. He wants to spend some time getting beat up to increase his fortitude. Now at first this may sound funny, but I definitely think it has merit. Looking at the price structure it also makes sense to do this early on in one’s career as later it becomes much more expensive. The question arises, how much time should we spend exploring and how much time should we spend training. Training will definitely help us, a limited $ supply will limit the amount of training we can do, but if we spend too much time training will we loose the coordination required of seasoned adventures exploring the depths of RA? Training one’s fortitude is never a bad thing, but are there better things we could be spending our time and energy on? There are many things on my desire list, a better bow, a dex increasing item maybe a magical quiver…Things to ponder. We did have a good talk with the caretaker of our hunting lodge. Every facility has some base set of rules, but to enforce those rules at all times is a little too much. Yes our hunting lodge sells beer, but does that mean if the king of the local dwarven kingdom, if there is such a thing, would not be allowed to bring his personal cask with him? Hopefully the caretaker has a good talk with the staff.

As I mentioned earlier, the camaraderie shown at dinner was fantastic. I feel sorry for Mal though, the doctor told him to take it easy on the sweets and I brought chocolate for the group. Hopefully he will get a clean bill of health shortly and can go back to eating like the Mal I know! Someone, whose name will not be mentioned in this journal, brought a vegetarian sandwich. This is anathema to our existence. Just because I enjoy the outdoors does not mean I enjoy eating sticks and twigs for a meal.

(As a sidenote, it appears that bandable is the fault person who receives the e-mail notifications for everything I post on Obsidian Portal. I will try to remember to send them to the Greyhair2012 in the future)


Greyhair2012 my ass! If you can’t get my name right start using my alternate Grouchy Old Fart.


Drunken Hedonism Thoughts 3/14/15
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