Silverhair's Rappan Athuk

Drunken Hedonism 3/14/15

We had an interesting day. In a not so startling discovery – we found more traps. I’m truly not surprised nor excited. That being said we definitely spent a few hours with that glue hitting our heads on the proverbial wall. Hopefully we won’t find that stuff again. The one thing that we as a group do need to discuss is our financial situation. Someone did mention that we would be richer if we had fewer people and that is a true statement as far as that goes. This is the second treasure chest we have found though and by far it has more $ than anything else we have found so far. If the first chest hadn’t blown up we would have had at least a scroll or two more to our name based on the remnants of the explosion and who knows what else. So although these chests are definitely dangerous, they also have the most loot. Mal is a good friend and I would never want anything adverse to happen to him, but at the same time I definitely had a yearning to get more of him stuck in the glue!

Our first night in the kitchen was highly successful. We may have nodded off a little bit during that third shift, but after all that food we ate it was hard to stay awake. It seems that everyone had spent a couple extra coins in town getting a treat for the group. So the first night we spend in the dungeon everyone pulls our their goodie and behold – a FEAST! Ah the food was delicious.

We ran into everyone’s favorite… a large lemon-lime flavored ball of gelatin. Unfortunately it was not happy to see us. All things considered it died without too much hassle. I have heard stories of them though and I think the one we found was either a youngster or one in the twilight of its years. Based off of how much stuff we found inside I am voting for youngster. Amongst the arrow heads found inside there was a whole arrow. Obviously it is magical. Unfortunately there was only one, but if the time comes hopefully I can make this arrow count.

The last item of note it that we now have a decorative piece for our hunting lodge. Initially there appeared to be two coiled iron serpents and in reality there were. It just happened that one of the serpents was alive. So now we have one coiled iron serpent to setup in the lodge. Not that I think there is anything wrong, far from it – I am actually excited about it, I just hope that we get more larger pieces as this one is not a focal piece for a hunting lodge.


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