Silverhair's Rappan Athuk

Devons sees the Goblin City

We sat at the door for a while, debating how best to get through. the magical ward on it makes me leery of breaking it down. We opt to have a giant earth elemental open it up for us.

We walk around this area and find the statue of the giant cyclops. It is rather impressive and we suspect it can come alive in some fashion. We encounter a couple Xorn who are happily munching on things, but become very interested in the scent of Parabast. He tosses them some diamonds and they gobble up their snack. They confirm to us that the statue is capable of becoming alive and they think the goblin town is rather boring.

We encounter a group of drow who are hiding behind a locked door. Their teleportation spell went awry and it left them several miles higher than they expected, in RA instead of the darklands below. They tell us that they were viciously assaulted by some Xorn upon first arriving. We tell them how to properly bribe the Xorn, so they can continue on their way. They also tell us that the side passage we skipped leads down to the Darklands. We are hard pressed to stop Bamf and Gedonik from malevolently assaulting them before they go. Those two have some violent tendencies.

We go exploring a bit more and encounter a relatively large squad of goblins. They demand to know who our escort is and Bamf raises his hand. Unfortunately, this was a retorical question and goblins became even more violent than normal when Bamf honestly annswered it. We kill the squad of, interrogate the survivor and let him become our official “escort”.

We go off to check out the goblin town and they are as unfriendly as can be expected. The drow are friendly to us, resulting in Bamf and Gedonik wanting to kill all of them. These guys are openly hostile to us resulting in Bamf and Gedonik accepting it. I have a real hard time understanding what motivates those two. We’re trying to find interesting things to do here and so far the only one that has arisen is taking out a hydra which was sent here to annoy Orcus. Assisting Orcus isn’t on our todo list, so we’re a bit confused.


silverhair2012_1 Devon_or_Arim

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