Silverhair's Rappan Athuk

Devon's Jorrnal - Entry 3

We come back with these new compatriots and continue our exploration of this place. It comes to mind that the creatures outside Rappan Athuk are far more dangerous than the ones in the cave. This is a distressing realization as it makes me wonder if staying the night in this dungeon is safer than going back to town.

The initial plan is to go back into the centipede room and more carfully examine those murals. We encounter a couple random zombies first, but easily make our way in. The fight scene is as I remembered it. The addition of a few light spells didn’t help. It is a scene of a battle at the Mouth of Doom. The ogre warlords carry metal skull tipped maces is definately a symbol of Orcus, but unfortunately it is also a stereotypical image of evil too. Can’t read too much into this. In this room we also find a pit with a dead adventurer in it complete with his gear.

Next we encounter a mostly cleared out room that appears to be relatively secure. The dust suggests little comes by. This will probably be our resting point as I mentioned before our trips to town get too exciting at times.

Next we find a hallway with a very stubborn door. After a bunch of acid we have created a whole through the door. i toss in a piece of junk with a light spell on it and we can tell the room appears to have a dead guy in it. We finally give up and chop the door down, alerting everyone in the world to our location, surprisingly no one cared. Once inside we find the door had been jammed with an iron spike and the party insides seems to have died from a subtle poisonous gas. They too had all their gear on them.

Next is another small innocuous room.

We come to another room. Too bad the ceiling has decayed so much it collapses on us. Nearly killed me, this is not what I’m looking for.

Next is a barracks, probably for orcs or something. They seem to have been by recently, but they aren’t completely stationed here as they took all their stuff with them when they left. Bamf makes sure to leave a lot of obscene graffiti for them. I wonder if this is a remnant of his demonic breeding.

looking at our map we decide there is a spot that is just to blanks so we go back to the above “innocuous” room. We find a secret door which leads to a room whose ceiling is covered in green slime. This room needs the largest bottle of bleach in the world. Thankfully, we have the right man for the job. Dung sweepers normally handle stuff on the floor, but now we have a bunch of “shit” on the ceiling. There is also a secret door hidden in the stonework.

A few of us go into this next room and find three treasure chests. The place literally screams trap and our poor rogue has died. Our fearless orc decides he knows how to find traps. Sadly, sis skill in trapfinding is just as suspicious as his skill in hat making as the chest explodes under his examination destroying all 3 chests and triggering the destruction of the only exit out of here. The few coins left on the floor is hardly worth risking ones life over, so we make a hasty exit.

Not wanting to explore too far down any one side, we head back to the northern section and find a small gang of bandits. Thankfully they are even more inexperienced than our band and we quickly dispatch them. Considering such a poorly organized group was staying here, I believe this room should also be safe to stay in.

Overall, I would have to say today was productive but undesireable. We made far more progress today than all our other trips combined. Unfortunately, we were gravely injured multiple times. Though these were all by traps and not monsters. Helping confirm my belief that once we find a safe area to stay for the night, we are better off down here than risking our necks with things that prowl on the surface.


silverhair2012_1 Devon_or_Arim

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