Silverhair's Rappan Athuk

Devon's Adventures on the 2nd floor of The Mouth of Doom

Getting freed from the hostile statue made me much more confident about my teammates. They show themselves to be quite capable most of the time. Some of them are a bit odd, but Mathilda is far from the first person to inquire about an undead servant. Quite frankly, having a few to do the real tedious chores might be kind of nice. I don’t really see myself as a necromancer, but I’ve only met ONE person in my life who takes pride in cleaning latrines.

So we went back to the shrieker room, since the layout on our map looked awfully suspicious and couple think thought they saw something initially, but convinced themselves otherwise. This lead to a series of doors and quite a few have been of the concealed variety. We found a room with an unholy shrine. It wasn’t to Orcus, and quite frankly, didn’t seem to be dedicated to anyone. Some people worship Evil as itself, maybe this is one of them. The fact the candles light up as they are approached is a cool effect and one I definately see myself replicating. However, I think it is cursed or poisoned, because Mathilda touched it and turned rather green.

We continued on and found a room with 3 sarcophagi. Each of them had a skeleton, but we were able to fight them individually. Mathilda mind controlled one of them and now we have another brainless minion to open doors. I hate to say my teammates are brainless, but Hae got engaged to the most flamboyantly gay guy i know and hasn’t realized which way he goes. One of the skeleton’s had a replica of Orcus’ rod. I’m contemplating it’s value. Should whoever buys this thing be suspected of consorting with demons?

We find some spiders, thankfully no one gets horribly poisoned. We find a room with 3 small trap doors in the floor. Each one has some small treasure stashed in it. Seems like overkill, since even combined it was under 500gp. We continue on and find a cleric or paladin who is suffering from mental trauma. He has altered his armor as if his head was wavy or something. Thankfully he is by himself and we are able to take him down without too much effort. I am happy to say i got a real good Ray of Enfeeblement off on him before anything else happened, so I’d like to think I’m responsible for this. It always makes me happy to see magic work correctly and in a way that is significant. I should work on some metamagic rods to assist in this. Lastly I cast my spell on him which teaches me spells he knows. It did not work as expected. I’m really not sure what to make of this. I’d say it requires some more research, but i really don’t feel like hauling his corpse all the way to town and researching it. Some day, I’ll have a portable hole and an actual research lab to work on things like this.

Lastly we come to a room with a band of gnolls. We contemplate pointing them out to Geodnik, but the party has given up on explaining to him what a gnoll is. We will let him continue on with his delusions. Overall I’d say today was fairly productive, especially considering how our last foray went. No one got killed, poisoned, mind controlled or otherwise traumatized. We have a skeleton which to open doors with, so Hae’s frail nature will no longer be put at risk by casual poison traps. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next and what we can do to get my research lab up and running.


silverhair2012_1 Devon_or_Arim

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