Silverhair's Rappan Athuk

Devon - Psaki leaves to go on her own.

Psaki gets frustrated with us, because we have not gone to the Frog Temple yet and decides to go it alone. I think she is a bit impatient as we are nearing the ability to travel through the swamp in relative safety and comfort. We then meet Root Redley who was watching Bamf and Gedonik flirt. He tells us that there are some additional entrances to Rappan Athuk and I eagerly have him point them out on my map.

Bamf then goes about a major recruitment drive to find someone to replace Psaki. He puts up about 100 posters per person in Zelkor’s Ferry. We tell him it is overkill, but he is adamant that everyone must know of our search for a sixth member. We get a plausible candidate in Dr Jacklyn Robertson. We talk to her a bit and learn two things.
1) She spent some time in the same gnome village that Parabast grew up in. Evidently he was there when a large dragon got drunk or drugged and proceeded to destroy the place. She showed up soon afterwards and saw the aftermath.
2) She doesn’t actually have any doctorate degrees.
I was looking forward to having another educated person to talk to, but sadly we got someone who falsely claims to be well educated. Her special skill involves finding traps and then destroying them with the battering ram she lugs around. It is an odd career path. We have our doubts, but we agree to let her prove herself.

In total we spend about two months, training, fabricating items and interviewing candidates before going back down the spiral stairs in Rappan Athuk. The level we come to has a large open area with 3 large mounds and a ten foot wide river flowing about 3-4mph. We investigate the mounds, but find they are nothing of note. When we go to cross the river, we are attacked by a group of Ropers. The fight is quite brutal, but we manage to survive while using several magic items.

We find a set of double doors leading to a carved section of the level and Jacklyn announces that she can tell it is trapped. We allow her to disarm the door and we go in. Which triggers the trap on the other door. This results in two Glabrezu appearing, filling up the room in its entirity.

Afterwards we find a secret passage that leads to an apparently empty room. We search around and find a secret compartment. We allow Jacklyn to demonstrate her abilities, but she becomes frustrated and leaves. We are a bit concerned at this point as our “trapsmith” has given up on her adventuring career. I inspect it a bit more carefully and find that there is a powerful Antipathy spell on the compartment. My mind is strong enough to resist its effects and Parabast and I soon dispel the enchantment.

We open the compartment and find it has some strange artifacts. After thinking for a while I’m able to figure out they are from Lord Bofred, a powerful cleric and vampire hunter. We aren’t sure what their purpose is, but we take the Silver Spoon, Jade Cat, Lapis Earth-Mother and Mithril Sword. The story is that Bofred was able to defeat a group of vampires and seal them away. Unfortunately he was not strong enough to kill them, so they are locked away for all eternity and we may have just found the keys. Honestly, I think I would have just destroyed the keys and leave the vampires locked up. Regardless, I feel that we should finish up where Bofred left of and remove these vampires.


silverhair2012_1 Devon_or_Arim

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