Silverhair's Rappan Athuk

Bamf's Journal Twenty-Six

Entry 30

Entry Thirty

Dear Diary,

We are taking an hour break for rest and recuperation. I am currently letting a stew I made simmer, and it should be ready soon. It is full of onions, turnips, milk, and dried beef, plus seasoning for flavor. I am hoping that the broth will rehydrate the beef some, as we are all getting tired of jerky. Since we just came from town, I am also supplementing this meal with fairly fresh bread, cheese, salted mutton, and apples for desert.

Needless to say I am pretty pleased with our progress today. I have looked back a few entries and I am remembering just how dire things seemed a week and a half ago. We headed back to town again for five days, by the way, so that poison damage could be healed. We arrived back in the dungeon today, and I must say, things are going well. Honestly, I am a little embarrassed for the general power level of this floor. Once our repast is over, I will suggest that we speed up our efforts in cleansing it.

Let see, what has happened. Bunch of empty rooms to be honest. We found a creepy shrine with auto lighting candles, which we decided to leave alone despite Mathilda’s interests. The next room had some sarcophagus and we got to work. The first one had a bloody skeleton, which Matty decided to mind control, as it were. This has given us a very durable and useful laborer, which has already proved invaluable with kicking in doors.

The next coffin had one of those damn black skeletons. That said, my training has paid off, and I proved to be too fast for his attacks. Furthermore with the help of Parabast’s magic, I was able to do full damage to him. I also piled on the my magic, just to play it safe, and the poor bastard didn’t stand a chance. The third tomb contained a second bloody skeleton which we dispatched with great prejudice.

More empty rooms, some spiders, and some secret caches in the floor of another. Gedonik may have gotten poisoned by one of the bags in the cubbies, but I can’t remember. It would serve the kleptomaniac right if he did get sick from it.

We found another room with very strange writing on it. Devon managed to get the gist of it enough to tell us not to try to read it. Suffice to say, after my accidental summoning of a demon, I was more than happy to close my eyes. A really crazy looking cleric burst into the room moments later. I tried to explain to him that we were clerics of Orcus, like him. For some reason he didn’t believe what I thought was a very convincing story.

Needless to say, battle erupted and we stomped him something bad. Then Devon drank his blood. Then Devon got a weird look in his eyes. Come to think of it, the cleric had an odd tinge of yellow to his eyes. Noir agrees with me that Devon should bear some close watching. I wish his actions weren’t so morally dubious, much unlike his brethren Parabast.

We have begun having Matty’s skeleton kicking open the doors to rooms and getting whatever traps would otherwise await us. This has proven very effective a tactic. The room we are in now was full of gnolls, and after Polly (Matty’s skeleton, not completely sure the significance of that name. Something to do with excavation janitors in the homeland of rods.) got their attention, they were easy to kill.

I would write more, but the stew is beginning to simmer.


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