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Bamf's Journal 8

Entry 12

Entry Twelve:

Dear Diary,

Well I must say this was an interesting evening, and I feel that we have finally made some real progress in exploring the Mouth of Doom. For the record, I am writing this as we camp for the day in a safe looking room of the dungeon. It appears to be an only kitchen and there is a chimney to the outside, so it looks like we will have fresh air as we sleep. An important point as our exploration today showed, but more on that later.

Devon had a really good point, and I fully agree with him. It seems that the surface is a more dangerous environ than the dungeon itself, and that instead of using the cabin as a base, we should just stay in the Mouth of Doom. As so that is what we are doing, and I am glad we were able to find a pretty decent location for this. I also can say that the gear that I have loaded my donkey with is much more suited to a dungeon expedition than a surface one.

Anyways, we headed out from the cabin and had an uneventful trip to the entrance of Doom. At least, I didn’t notice anything and no one felt it necessary to mention anything to me. I really need to work on pay more attention to things, but I regret my mind was occupied with darker thoughts. The shadow began to fall on my heart again as we got closer to Ralnor’s end.

We headed to where the brave elf had fallen, and were immediately attacked by zombies. Well, they tried to at least, but Malic slammed the door on them. We got into position and then let the zombies come to us. Smart tactics, I like them! The zombies didn’t stand much of a chance.

I have also made a break-thru in my combat style. I can cast my spells through my whip! The implications for this are staggering, and I preceded to gleefully cast my arcane mark through the whip. This lead to some interesting comments, as until now I had never thought to cast my mark. Apparently my former self was a bit immature to say the least, and chose their mark to be a comically drawn phallus.

Okay, I admit I chuckled at this myself. The hilarity of painting my enemies with cartoonish genitalia is compelling, if juvenile. I suspect that I may actually like whomever I used to be, or find them funny at the very least.

So we killed the zombies and moved on to the room with the centipedes. And there were more centipedes, sigh. We killed them, though Malic got quite poisoned by them. Once again a race acts against type, as I could have sworn dwarves were supposed to be far more resilient to poison. That said, if I remember correctly he was quite the light weight at the tavern, so maybe he is just weak in constitution.

We checked the room after the centipedes and found it still as empty as before. Maladash found a pit trap, and there was a skeleton at the bottom of it. Gedonik slipped down to it and gathered what loot he could find. I think he may have pocketed some gold, but I will not begrudge him, as I wasn’t interested in going down there.

We checked some of the previous doors we found earlier before. It was then that we found our future campsite, where I am writing this journal now. There were some other empty rooms, and Mathilda lit up some spider webs. I approve of this, as Gods only know what might be lurking in them. I don’t trust much at face value at this point. Oh, Maladash vanished into what turned out to be another pit trap. Poor thing.

There was a barricaded door down another hallway. I melted a hole in it with my acid and we took a look. Nothing too dangerous it seemed, so Malic chopped it down with his ax. It seems that some doomed adventurers had tried to bivouac here, much to their undoing. For we found skeletons, devoid of even undeath. One had been leaning against the door as he died, while the other two looked to have expired in their sleep.

This scene was certainly strange until we noticed the strange smell of some gas coming from a hidden vent. Showing my massive intellect, I left the room at this point. Not to be blunt, but that really seemed like the best thing to do at this point. Some of The Fellows proved more “brave” than me, and first proceeded to loot the dead bodies, before leaving the poison gas… idiots.

It turns out that a pattern was beginning to emerge at this point, I am afraid. Malic using his dwarfy skills found a secret door, and a hidden hallway. This lead to a room that seemed safe at first, until Maladash started melting. Not a ideal thing for him to do, and he wisely stepped out of the room. Turns out some green slime had fallen on him, and it was completely covering the ceiling.

Mathilda thought fast and proceeded to his flambe his arm, to remove the slime of course. His screams and howls really didn’t convey the appreciation he should have had for her quick thinking and helpful first-aid. I think her feelings were hurt, but it is hard to really tell with her.

The room seemed empty, but there was another door, and fools like us couldn’t just pass it up. We really should have though, but hindsight and all that. I had and idea, and pulled out my folding pole. I tied a torch to it, which Mathilda lit, and I gave it to our poop-smith with the suggestion that he was most well skilled to sweep the slime off of the ceiling. He took to this task with great enthusiasm.

Sadly the slime seemed to keep raining down and so Mierda’s work was a temporary measure at best. As such, we sent a few of The Fellows through the door rather than risk trapping us all between the slime and freedom. I was on of the ones who stayed behind and as such can only write what I was told. For not long after they went into the room, they came a explosive noise followed shortly by The Fellows running as fast as they could out of there.

Apparently there had been some chests, but with Maladash’s typical luck, he of course set off a trap immediately and blasted them to bits. As well as part of himself, ahem. This in turn lead to the sounds of the ceiling potentially about to collapse. At this point they cut their losses and got out of there, and I strongly agree with their decision.

I never heard the sounds of the ceiling fall though, so we may try to go back there at some time. In theory we could make a hole in the wall and try to recover what we can of the treasure. There are spells that will restore the form of non-magical items, and it maybe worth the effort.

So we continued on. We found a room which was in a state of collapse, and it decided to continue this process on The Fellows that entered. This actually could have been quite an awful turn of events if not for Parabast channeling healing immediately to save our buried companions. After we dug them out they still didn’t look very well off, so in honesty they were probably just short of death after this. I hope this leads to use more caution when presented with obviously dangerous situations. We will see.

Next we found and empty, but apparently recently used barracks. I am sure we will end up killing whomever lives in them. I felt we needed some cheering up at this point, so I used my arcane mark to graffiti the walls with dicks. Dicks everywhere, hee hee! I’m so funny!

Two other rooms were explored before we settled for the day. One ominous room with exactly eight humanoid skulls. What was particularly interesting was that these skulls each had a hole in the top of the skull… Very suspicious indeed. There were some cobwebs too that Mathilda made short work of.

And the capstone of the evening was another room filled with bandits. Now sure we only found this out later, after we had murdered them, but what a serendipitous happenstance that they turned out to be morally neutral victims. I especially enjoyed this fight as it gave me more chances to experiment with my spell striking technique. I shocked one of them so bad that I saw their bones for a moment!

I also must say that I was shocked by the things Mathilda shouted at them. Seriously what a horrible imagination she has; a fountain of macabre creativity. I will admit though despite my outward reaction of disgust, I found it quite impressive. I was also respected her dedication to follow through with her gruesome threats. I just hope we can still sell that bandit head after what she did to it…

Now we have come back to the kitchen room and barricaded the door. Hopefully that will at the very least hold long enough for the rest of us to get ready for anything coming to murder us in turn. Those bandits really should have thought of that. Ha!


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