Silverhair's Rappan Athuk

Bamf's Journal 7

Entry 11

Entry Eleven:

Dear Diary,

I am reading back my last entry, and my word… the mood I was in was certainly dour. And apparently a bit homicidal. That probably explains some of the less than wise actions I took last night on our trip to the abandoned cabin. I almost got my fool self killed, which in truth I strongly suspected I would accomplish (and still suspect that will be the case).

Not long after we left Zelkor’s Ferry we encountered a group of humanoid shapes at a bridge crossing. They were moving in a predictable pattern and coming from the direction of the Charnel Pits, so we presumed these were more undead that would be easy to destroy. We were correct in our assumption that these were undead, skeletons to be precise. However they were not push-overs, as we would soon find out.

I was still frustrated and depressed, and I wanted to kill something. Better yet that I could attack an undead and not risk any need for moral rationalization afterwards. So I rushed forward and flung a sling bullet at them with little thought of safety. I missed.

In retrospect I wish we had taken a closer look at them. These skeletons were all black, which admittedly is hard to tell at night. They also carried two short swords, one in each hand. And they were quick. I soon found myself in melee combat with them, and overall being hacked to death. I very much think some great providence kept me alive this night, as the skeletons only chose to attack us with one of their two deadly swords.

After several cruel cuts from their blades, I was in a bad place. I took the better part of valor and withdrew from the engagement. I am very impressed with the bravery Mathilda showed at this point by stepping forward and taking my place in the line. A true feat of fellowship, since her speciality is not close combat to say the least. That said, I think she enjoyed adding more scars to her collection.

Devon or Parabast gave me some quick healing, and I pulled out my whip to see what aid I could provide. Skeletons aren’t very vulnerable to cuts or stabs, but I figured I could trip some of them. I was somewhat successful in this, and did cause one of the skeletons to fall. Mierda took this opportunity to slip through their line and attack from behind. This did allow some of The Fellows to coordinate attacks against the skeletons, but it also opened him up to attacks from the skeleton that was in the back.

What was worse was that the skeletons weren’t falling. We put a lot of damage into them, but they didn’t miss a beat and returned the damage back to us. Things quickly went from worrisome to bad, and I suspected we were about to lose some more of The Fellows in our escape.

Particularly I thought it was unlikely Mierda was going to get out of the fight alive. He felt the same way I seems and decided to take his chances with the river, diving off the bridge into the shallow water. We held the line long enough to swim to the shore, and then we all turned tail and ran. Thankfully the skeletons did not pursue.

Hours later we stumbled dejectedly into the cabin and decided to recover spells, for our healers were near their limit. I admit I was quite shaken from my brush with death, and did not sleep well. I of course was not tasked with keeping watch as usual, and had to be woken whenever something interesting passed by the house.

Apparently there was another kolbold patrol, but we decided to ignore them unless they made a nuisance of themselves. They didn’t and I went back to sleep. Gedonik saw some squirrels. Mierda somehow smelled something other than himself and found a rotting body on his patrol. While investigating it with him, Devon found a broken great-sword. I think they kept it though I am not sure why.

It wasn’t until just a little while ago that another group of zombies past through the area, and needed some killing. This was more to my liking and we made short work of them. In general this seems to have lifted everyone’s spirits which is a good thing, as we are now preparing to go back to the Mouth of Doom. I think I will endeavor to stop being as reckless as I was last night, and maybe we will have better luck tonight than we did last trip. Fingers crossed!


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