Parabast Kushlin

Dave's healbot, Possibly a living artifact of bad luck.


Parabast is an oracle. He packs a lot of positive energy in a single package, and while he looks a bit weird with the fuzzy elf-ears and the silver hair, his ability to fix injuries and talk his way out of trouble tend to smooth over a lot of small-town paranoia. He has a decent right hook and a good cure, just don’t ask him to be an organized packer.

AC 17, HP 18, limited combat abilities, lots of heals.

Legally a gnome, actually an Aasimar.


Par was born on an nigh of portent. Great omens appeared in the night sky and sages foretold of important events regarding this most ominous child. He would be a great boon or bane and his birth heralded something really major. A being of celestial power handed down an omen regarding Parabast Calderiks of Higgledy Hollow and there was much consternation.

Of course the sages and everybody else in town were also high as fucking BALLS because it was the height of Mushroom festival, and in fact when they woke up the next morning nobody could even remember what the omen really was. Par grew up with his parents pushing him to learn everything in case it would turn out to be relevant.

When he developed magic they thought he would be a wizard, which resulted in the high Maester’s tower disappearing into some sort of magical warp and a band of water-carrying animated brooms that STILL haunt the area.

When he showed talent for healing, he was sent to apprentice with the clergy. Which resulted in all of Higgledy Hollow being excommunicated by a very angry Mother Sanguinius (formerly Father Sanguinius).

When it was determined that his spellcasting was entirely spontaneous and untrainable, he was introduced to a dragon living nearby. There are suspicions that this was an attempt to do away with him, as it was an unfrendly green dragon who titled himself “The Ravager.” This resulted in the infamous “drugged dragon’s dance of drunken debauchery,” which led to the entire town being relocated and him personally being disowned by his family.

Alone, and now homeless at age 11, Par was very depressed. More worryingly, he had just been tied out to a pole in what was left of Higgledy Hollow and left for Emril the Ravager (the aforementioned dragon), should he ever come back from his “trip” and the anticipated hangover. Things were looking quite dire when a band of adventurers led by none other than Rheinhard Kushlin rolled into town on rumors of dangerous dragons, strange occurrences, and all sorts of trouble down in Higgledy Hollow just ripe with murderhobo opportunity.

After cutting the poor boy loose and getting a heavily edited version of his story, the adventurers decided to take on this walking well of misfortune as he cheerfully guided them past all sorts of dangers to the lair of Emril and watched as they slew the murderous beast and took its treasure.

Rheinhard, taking pity on the boy, took him in and trained him as best he could in the ways of adventuring. Par was always scrawny, but his talents with life magic proved impressive, and Rheinhard knew there was always a place for a good healer just about anywhere.

Recently, things have been getting restless around Casa de Kushlin. Rheinhard is getting old and settling down while his adopted family is getting old enough to go adventuring on their own. After a long night of Blochmar, Parabast, Shandelang, and a NUMBER of bottles of Cisco’s Red planning, they struck out for Zelkor’s Ferry with vague plans of “finding advencha.” Little did they know that their brother Hursol had been keeping an eye on them, and followed behind.

Fun facts about Para:

His bad luck seems to have ended, at least for the past decade, but one never really knows with these things.

As an Idyllkin, Parabast has yellow eyes and pointy, fur-tipped ears that are suspiciously fox-like. He usually keeps a hood on to avoid standing out in a crowd, but most folk notice it eventually.

Despite being born into a gnome village, Parabast is 5’4" and seems to be entirely Aasimar.

Parabast Kushlin

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