Beneath all those scars and tattoos is a half-orc


Mathilda has a shoulder length black hair, black eyes, grey green skin, and small tusks. And scars. Lots and lots of scars. And a few tattoos. Her height is fairly average for a half-orc, 5’7", but she is scrawny.
In town and around people she tends to hide her appearance under a concealing cloak. When by herself she wears a long heavy skirt with various ornaments, and broad sash across her stomach over her light shirt. One of her gloves has spikes, on either hip rests a whip, and slung across her back is a crossbow and quiver of bolts.


Journal Entry [Date 1]
So I probably should give some explanation of who I am since assholes at the last town destroyed my last journal when they ran me out of town. I am Mathilda. No last name (my mother gave me hers, but I don’t deserve it). Most people call me “Crazy Matty”. It isn’t exactly unfounded.
I Never knew a father. I have a mom, but she didn’t give birth to me. I don’t know anything about the woman who gave birth to me. For all I know I was magicked into existence by some malevolent deity. Are there any other kinds?.
Mom is a wonderful lady. She took me in despite me being half orc. She never had much in the way of means, but she made sure I was not lacking. One of these days I will come back and lift her out of the slums. I was an awful kid; I made mom cry a lot. Did some really bad things that I really can’t talk about. My brain goes funky when I think too much about that.
Anyways I broke and ran from it all. Left the city and took my anger out on myself. After a month of half starving myself, I heard a dead stump talking to me. Maybe I was just crazy. Maybe I still am. It told me if I listened to it and served it I would be granted the power to seek vengeance against the people who helped me become the monster I became. I agreed. I suppose I do have powers, and I fear I have made a deal with a malevolent entity. Still I am already damned, and if I can get vengeance, and maybe better mom’s life, then my damnation will be worth it.


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