Kizziar Schwindenhammer

A Half-Orc with the Small Man Complex.


Standing just under five feet high and five feet wide, Kizziar is a very young tempermental orc who believes in resolving issues with fist or sword. While claiming to be a full blooded orc, his height makes people suspect this might not be the case. However, his tremendous strength and temper keeps the whispers to a minimum.

Growing up in a barbarian tribe in the northern Eastreach Province taught Kizziar the importance of strength and respect. Unfortunately, other orcs judged people on their size and strength. He excelled at the later, but was looked down on for his size. He was forced to leave after being unable to convince his fellow orcs he should be warchief.

During his travels he heard a bard tell legends of Rappan Athuk. Once he heard about the weapons and armor contained within, he knew what he could to do finally bring him the power he desires. From his misadventures, he learned that he’d be unable to count on his fellow orcs, he needs to come back with his own Shaman and Witch Doctor. He also needs a woman. Hearing humans unite tribes via marriage, suggests he needs to find a competent orc tribe that can sieze its potential with his help.


Kizziar Schwindenhammer

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