Bamf Cloven

Blue skin, dark hair, and smells faintly of brimstone.


Bamf has blue skin and dark hair. He carries a whip and has a long forked tail and horns that speak of his fiendish ancestry.


Little is known about this suspicious looking man, even to himself. Found wandering miles south of Zelkor’s Ferry, he was delirious and malnourished. Miraculously the kind woodsman who first spotted the devilish looking vagabond didn’t kill him immediately. After witnessing the tiefling collapse, the woodsman brought him back to town. Despite overall opinion of the townsfolk to kill him on the spot, the local alchemist took pity on the wretch and accepted responsibility for the lost soul.

Ulman Dark nursed the half-breed to health over the next few weeks. At first he was in a coma and things looked bleak, but the fever finally broke. Ulman had initially taken pity on the poor soul because his appearance reminded him of a fairy tale character from Ulman’s childhood. While mending the man, Ulman came to calling him “Bamf Cloven” after this character. What Ulman did not know was he was inadvertently naming his patient.

Once recovered and able to speak it was discovered that Bamf had no knowledge of who he was and where he came from. It was clear that he retained all his skills and knowledge of technical/scholarly matters, but had no idea where he had acquired this information. Whether from something that had happened previously, or simply due to the awful fever he had, and the coma it caused, it was clear that Bamf was suffering from selective amnesia.

After much discussion and sharing of information the two of them came to the conclusion that Bamf most likely came from Rappan Athuk, as his mixed parentage suggested a fiendish origin. Once he had recovered his strength Bamf went to work as an alchemical assistant to Ulman. Over the next few months the revenue from this has gone towards equipping himself for a delve into the dungeon that may hold the secret of his past.

Now the many months of work have paid off, and he is ready to find some partners in this potentially doomed plan.

Bamf Cloven

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